Fast Fix Electrician San Diego prioritizes safety above everything else when carrying out electrician services. Apart from ensuring the safety of all electrical installation, upgrading, replacement, and repair services, we also offer home protection services concerning the home electrical system. 

Below are some of the home protection services we can install, repair, and maintain for your residential property:

  • Whole house surge protector. Nothing protects appliances from electrical-surge-related damage than a whole house surge protector. We at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego can help you with the installation of such a contraption to prevent possible damage to your expensive and high-powered home appliances and devices. If you have not decided yet on the type of surge protector to use, call us up and we can walk you through the whole process. We can also offer a free, no-obligation cost estimate so that you can stay within your budget. 
  • Dedicated power outlets. Whether the dedicated circuits are meant for high-powered appliances, computers, or other electronic devices, we at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego are ready to help you with its installation and professional maintenance. Dedicated outlets prevent electrical overloading that could cause electrical fires. Moreover, having a dedicated circuit means lesser chances of damage to these expensive appliances and devices. In the cane of working or studying from home, dedicated computer circuits are important in reducing electrical noise from other appliances that are plugged in the same circuit. 
  • Installation of GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets. GFCI outlets help prevent electrical injuries by stopping the source of power whenever its circuit is penetrated by liquid. It is in essence an inexpensive solution to keep the whole family safe from electrical shock, and at the same time, it increases the safety levels inside the home.   
  • Installation of childproof outlets. Children are the most common victims of electrical accidents at home. Keep them from sustaining electrical injuries by having us at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego install these childproof outlets for you. Some children and even older toddlers can curiously remove over-the-counter babyproofing outlet covers since they are flimsy and easier to remove. Professional childproofing of outlets is much more effective in terms of preventing electrical shock among curious kids. 

Electrical safety inspection service. Periodic safety inspection of a house’s electrical system prevents significant electrical issues that could cause electrical fires, damage to appliances, electrical injuries, and destruction of property. Fast Fix Electrician San Diego provides free electrical safety inspections so that homeowners will know whether their fixtures and systems are still up to code. When the whole house has a system that follows the guidelines outlined in the National Electrical Code or NEC, safety is assured. Moreover, being up to code means no red flags in case the house is put up for sale. And in case of accidents, insurance companies will not question the electrical safety within the property. Learn more about us here.