Lighting in and outside the house or commercial property is crucial in terms of everyday convenience, productivity, and security. Lighting also emphasizes the aesthetic features of any property. Lighting is indispensable in interior design, and commercial products are better off well-lighted to ensure that they get the attention that they deserve. 

There are several types of lighting, and we are a Local Electrician that is ready to install repair and make sure these lightings and fixtures are safe to use. Here are some of the lighting and fixture-related services that we provide:

  • Indoor lighting. Indoor lighting is needed in any home and we can help you with wiring, installation, repairs, and maintenance. We can even help you with upgrades, and whole-house replacement in favor of more energy-efficient LED lights or Smart light bulbs. The same goes for lighting meant to accentuate various parts of the house and support interior design. The same goes for commercial properties, to ensure productivity and home electrical safety within the business establishment. 
  • Ballast and bulb replacement. Ballasts are essential to avoid overheating in lights, and premature lightbulb burnout. We at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego can help in replacing ballasts, and light bulbs particularly in high and hard to reach areas in commercial properties. 
  • Energy-efficient lighting options. Ask us about the energy-saving options for your home or place of business and we will help you install these around your property. We have helped countless homes and businesses save on lighting and electricity costs through these upgrades. 
  • Lighting controls, switches, dimmers, and timers. Smart light controls allow homeowners to turn on or switch off their lighting through their mobile devices. We at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego can help you install this type of light switches. We can also help in installing dimmers and other lighting controls for the whole house or property. 
  • Bathroom and kitchen lighting. Whether it is because of a remodeling job, or just a new addition to an existing kitchen or bathroom, we at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego can help you. We can even help install GFI outlets and fixtures in case you have yet to upgrade to those. 
  • Recessed Lighting. Recessed lights are multi-purpose. They can highlight areas inside a home or office, and at the same time, it illuminates for convenience and productivity. We can help you with the installation, maintenance, and repair of recessed lighting. 
  • Chandeliers, drop lights, track, and accent lighting among other decorative lights. Chandeliers and decorative lighting are expensive as it is. They also require dedicated wiring and professional installation. And while some web guides may say homeowners can install these, the technical expertise and equipment of a licensed electrician eliminate all the possible damage and safety risks of self-installing a chandelier or any decorative lighting. 
  • Holiday lights and electric powered decors. String lights, holiday displays, and other electric decorations are best installed by a licensed electrician. Professional installation ensures correct installation and safe use of these seasonal lights. It guards against overloading that may spark electrical fires that often happen during the holidays. 
  • Motion sensor lighting. Motion-activated lights are not just an excellent security feature in a home or commercial property. It is also an inexpensive and convenient way of lighting up outdoors, without having to turn on and turn off light switches each time. 
  • Commercial specialty lighting and retrofit lights. These commercial lighting solutions are effective in raising convenience and productivity levels in any business establishment. We at Fast Fix Electrician San Diego are prepared to help you install, maintain, and repair these types of commercial lighting fixtures.    
  • Landscape and outdoor lighting. Apart from improving aesthetics outside the home, and ensuring that the perimeter of the property is well-lit, landscape and outdoor lighting allow property owners to enjoy outer areas of their home or commercial property. See more electric services our company provides here.

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